MPV architecture

Casa Marte

State of Mexico (MX)


Located in the suburbs to the north of the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City, a neglected house with moisture problems in the roof, entrance gate broken, floors and windows in poor condition, among others, needed an urgent renovation.


A neutral colour palette is defined for the new flooring, closets and windows. With the selection of materials and textures, a fresh look for the house will change dramatically the atmosphere for the users to have a bright, welcoming home.


· Carpet and old flooring removal

· New flooring installation

· Roof moisture repair caused by water filtrations through the domed plastic skylight

· Placement of 6mm tempered glass skylight

· Roll waterproofing membrane installation

· New windows placing

· Setting up of new closets

· Gate entry structure demolition because of beam flexural failure

· Installation of the new entrance gate

Before | First floor

After | First floor

Before | Second floor

After | Second floor