MPV architecture

De la República

Mexico City (MX)


The project is based on elegant lines and simplicity. It is characterised by the feeling of spaciousness and openness with different heights, the clear distinction of defined and closed spaces.

This work proposes reinforced concrete, cubic shapes. Part of the structure of the building is exposed and double heights are raised. Likewise, courtyards will be incorporated for good ventilation and natural lighting.


La tabacalera neighbourhood had its peak in the 1950s with several government and office buildings. Around 10 500 people commute everyday to this area, from which 89% work in tertiary activities and 11% work in secondary activities.

The added value of the area is supported by the wide variety of services that surround it: green areas, squares and urban furniture. People continue to migrate to the area thanks to the income, great location and attractiveness in tourism and jobs.

Plans, elevation and section

Beams and columns isometric


The building has a diverse programme on each volume: gastronomic market, cultural centre, a semi-public parking and lastly dwellings in the highest volume. Respects the zoning regulations making the most of the built meters.

It is thought for the people who work nearby and the wandering tourists as a relaxationrecreation space. The proposal adapts to the urban context and the needs.