MPV architecture

Domed city

Mexico City (MX)


A domed city is a hypothetical hemisphere structure that encloses a large urban area. This geodesic dome, popularised by Buckminster Fuller, is air-tight and pressurised, creating a controlled environment as for air temperature, composition and quality.

In fiction, domed cities were for the common benefit of the people living in them (utopia), but sometimes as a form of control and domination (dystopia). 


The methodological process was applied and adapted to CDMX as an urban utopia-dystopia, based on the mapping of major pollutants in Mexico City such as CO2, NOx, O3, PM10, PM2.5, VOC and acid rain.

Geodesic domes emerge in some the parts of the city where pollution surpass, in order to reduce contamination and control the atmosphere.

Map of major pollutants in the metropolitan area