MPV architecture

Pigmentos Gilardi


Luis Barragán is one of the greatest Mexican architects of the 20th century. The main characteristics of his works are the use of intense colours, textures, and shadows that produce a sensation of enchantment and serenity in the spectators.

Casa Gilardi is considered its architectural will, by the wise distribution of spaces and sublime qualities. The aspects that feature this jewel of Mexican architecture analysed.


The relationship between natural light and the internal environment is highly thought out. Barragán generated the volumes and then made the necessary holes to have greater precision; the light was filtered, reflected and indirect, manipulating the color. 

In the main corridor, light floods the space through the yellow tinted glass in the same colour. The jacaranda tree plays also with the light and shadows reflected in the house. The overhead light produced in the pool, reflects the blue and red colour of the walls.

Pink stucco

Yellow + Red + Blue stucco

Brick paved

Under the light | 21/06 at 09.35am

Element + cast shadow