MPV architecture

Rigenerazione Aurora

In collaboration with Stefania Iraci and Martha Lung


The project area, located between Corso Palermo and Via Aosta, is part of a wider revitalisation plan in the Aurora neighbourhood to improve the permeability of specific users with a decentralisation purpose of the area.

The attractors, the action poles and the dynamics identified during the urban masterplan design become the project guidelines on the neighbourhood scale: the soft mobility and the public space as a joining and equilibrating point.


ADDITION: raising, layering and embedding operations become an essential tool in order to redefine the areas through new settlement principles, which are able to alter the public space. Student housing, an auditoriumstudy hall and an exhibition centre constitute the new programme.

Exhibition centre

The intervention attaches as a parasite to the existing building to create temporary or permanent relationships. In this way, a new perceptive and innovative image of architecture is shown.

Exhibition centre addition diagram


The exhibition centre opens to the public as recreative place where people can take workshops in the atelier, relax and read at the book store, or check out the temporary showroom and the exposition hall.

Ground floor and first floor plans

Elevation and section