MPV architecture

Rumbo urbano

Mexico City (MX)


There is a notable lack of housing in the historic centre of Mexico City. As it is one of the greatest commercial hubs in the country, people travel from all the states to buy at a wholesale price.

It has a lot of activity during the day and afternoon (from 6.00 to 19.00), but when it comes to the nighttime, there is not much movement and this leads to a feeling of insecurity as streets are empty.


In the process of analyse why just a few people live in the historical centre, it is found out that the buildings are in bad condition, some of them heritage buildings protected by INAH which need maintenance.

In addition, it is discovered that the buildings and the street work as a whole, some buildings open as a complementary part of the street creating alleys in between.

Trade permeable buildings plan


The purpose is to restore the identity and relational skills with the public space, as well as the creation of connections. A reopening of the dialogue between the urban space has the power to change the perception of the landscape and the community.

By formally creating a passageway, a building with commercial and residential purposes emerges; incorporating vegetation and urban furniture along for passersby. Planning stages have been set for the enhancement of the area to be freshly attractive and habitable.