MPV architecture

Via Chapultepec

In collaboration with Andrea Estrada and Viviane Carrera


The convergence of two main avenues with high vehicular flow, and the sudden end of activities when reaching Santa Teresita, result in the isolation of this neighbourhood as a barrier facing Avenida Chapultepec. The area is unattached and it can be noticed that less people walk by, and because of that it is seen as an unsafe place.


1. Continue with the axis of Avenida Chapultepec linking it with Santa Tere neighbourhood, in order to unify the neighbourhoods and break the borderline.

2. Create paths based on pedestrian mobility.

3. Offer a social space, with recreational uses and activities.

4. Supply of green areas and street furniture to encourage users to stay longer.


Consists of 3 independent functioning buildings and the shared containing amenities. Housing, market, workshops and parking will be shaping the plot. It is meant to be an inclusive space, moreover, create an opening that links the isolated neighbourhood.

General elevation | Market & Housing building

General section | Workshops and Housing building


The building corresponding to housing is thought for the multiple potential users, since it is known as a working and commercial area.

It incorporates apartments and lofts for rent, besides amenities.

North and east sections | Housing

North and east elevations | Housing

Ground floor | Housing

Level 3 & 5 | Housing

Level 6 | Housing